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The ISODC – A 2014 Reflection

The International Society for Organization Development and Change is a longtime affiliate of NEXUS4change.  Born out of the longtime work from the Organization Development Institute, the ISODC’s mission is to “build the field of O.D. into a highly respected profession.”  In 2014 NEXUS and the ISODC partnered to create some great experiences for our communities.  We submitted a summary of our experiences to the ISODC for their final newsletter of the year.  Here are some of the highlights:

NEXUS & ISODC: Partnering for the future of Organization Development & Change

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NEXUS 2014 Webinars

We partnered with the ISODC on several webinars this year.  Here are the links to the sessions:

  1. Opening Doors: 4 Keys that Change Everything with Judith Katz and Fred Miller of the Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group.
  2. The Birth of OD – Stories and Reflections on our Origins with Marv Weisbord, Harrison Owen, Peter Sorensen, and Emily Axelrod.
  3. On the Shoulders of Giants: Four Trends for the Future of OD with Therese Yeager, Jake Jacobs, and Lena Neal.

NEXUS attendance at ISODC Conferences

NEXUS4change had two great conference experiences with ISODC members this year.

The ISODC Information Exchange and the George Williams Conference Center

NEXUS facilitated the opening and closing of the session. During the opening of the session, participants learned by doing as they shared their expectations of the event using the Civic Engagement (Block), Open Space (Owen), and Conversation Cafe (Robin) methods. We closed the conference by summarizing the highlights of the session and determining next steps using the World Cafe (Brown, Isaacs) method.

The ISODC Second International Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This was a diverse and truly informative session that brought together several international communities of OD&C practitioners and scholars. NEXUS lead a discussion about What’s NEXT for the future of OD? – highlighting key work from the conference presenters. We also facilitated a live webinar session during the conference, highlighting digital trends in OD. In addition, we facilitated the post conference activities in Amsterdam. Participants discussed creating PLAN’s, designing interventions, and creating long term change roadmaps. The individual sessions, post conference activities, and networking made for a great experience in Amsterdam.

Stay on the lookout for 2015 as we have several more activities already lined up including: A webinar series featuring contributors to the Winter 2014 Organization Development Journal titled OD in the Digital Age and NEXUS participation in the 2015 ISODC conference and Think Tanks. Stay tuned at www, for more opportunities as we continue to collaborate.

NEXUS4change Amsterdam Post Conference: Building a Change Roadmap

NEXUS4change was pleased to present a post conference workshop for the participants of The Second International Conference of The International Society for Organization Development and Change in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We had two great sessions with several conference participants, including a Day 1 – Post Conference Wrap Up and Day 2 – Building a Change Roadmap. The sessions used participative dialogue to engage the attendees and materials were provided to help all attendees apply their learnings (i.e. papers, case studies, research articles). Here are some of the highlights:

Day 1 Post Conference Wrap Up

NEXUS4change Amsterdam - Day 1 Post Conference
NEXUS4change Amsterdam – Day 1 Post Conference

The group organized into two tables and answered questions about the conference and items that they wanted to focus on for the Day 2 session.  The following  list of the potential outcomes and agenda items that they wanted to discuss:


  • Recognize purpose
  • Conceptualizing skills used
  • I Can Take Over
  • Move Possibility
  • Confidence
  • Energized
  • Knowledged
  • Next Questions
  • Resourced to do whatever I have to do
  • Changed Mind

Agenda Items

  • Design a session: How would you chunk it? Flow of Methods (i.e. design team and other ways
  • Coaching Leaders
  • Configurations of design for 1-3 hour sessions to 3 day to 3 years all while managing expectations
  • Manage conflicting value systems organized for crosscultural training\ drowning voices – Different approaches
  • Tips of group management – on time on task.
  • Pacing stays engaged & on process – get high quality work
  • Role of technology to collaborative virtual teams
  • Generational Differences – Role of tech in Face to Face

Day 2:  P.L.A.N.’s and Building a Change Roadmap

NEXUS Amsterdam Post Conference Day 2 - The Model
NEXUS Amsterdam Post Conference Day 2 – The Model

Dr. Steve Cady, an instructor from Bowling Green State University, outlined a model for designing change initiatives that involve stakeholders at all levels of the organization.  In this picture, he is discussing the initial reason for change – An Idea.  Someone needs to have an idea, based on an event, a need, or another individual.  The idea is the catalyst a thought that this change could make the organization better.  Dr. Cady further outlines the process during the session but reminds us that an organizational change always starts with an idea.

NEXUS Amsterdam Post Conference Day 2 Review
NEXUS Amsterdam Post Conference Day 2 Review

Dr. Cady and the participants are reviewing one of the cases during the session.  Several examples of change roadmaps, proposals, and event designs were shared with participants during the session.  This discussion was reviewing Dr. Cady’s work with Lake Nona.

The participants also learned a project management tool called P.L.A.N. and dove deeper into the background and history of engaging stakeholders and helping organizational leaders create Collaborative Whole System Transformation.

For more information about working with NEXUS4change to design a conference experience please send us an e-mail.

Thanks again to The International Society for Organization Development and Change for collaborating with us on this event.

Nexus Gathering in Amsterdam

Check out the upcoming post-conference workshop-Nexus Amsterdam– on July 11 & 12 See below for info and Register today!

The ISODC Second International Conference

Conference Homepage

Current Program

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

July  7th-12th 2014

Come together in The Netherlands to participate in discussions, presentations, and other
activities. We also welcome members of organizational development and change,
change management, and other related professional organizations. Our conference theme will be development and change in the global community.

Nexus4Change is pleased to be the host of the post conference sessions on July 11 & 12 2014.

See Nexus Flyer

The cost for this engaging and interactive session will be $150 and is separate from the conference fees.  If you would like to receive more information about the session please email

If you would like to register for this session please click here.