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Webinar Recording – Strategy Statements A Concise Tool for Aligning Actions & Measures

Here is a video from a webinar last week with Dr Steven Cady, the current BGSU MOD cohort and NEXUS4change members as they met to discuss the purpose and design of strategy statements for organizations.

Based on a review of 485 strategy statements, a concise tool was created for crafting an organization’s strategic plan document. At the tool’s core is the notion that strategy represents the organization’s competitive advantage and core values in an accessible user friendly fashion. If articulated clearly, crafted collaboratively, and clearly used to prioritize actions – strategic plans can serve as foundation for building transformative roadmap to the future.

The webinar covers
– The strategy as values tool, it’s five elements, and evidence.
– Case examples of the tool and how to ensure it is written to be understood.
– A specific step by step collaborative process for crafting strategy at four organizational levels.
– Translating the created strategy into specific programs, initiative, and/or projects.
– Grounded discussion on the theme of collaborative change and innovation.


Two Great Conversations – Virtual Convening

Hi everyone – We here at NEXUS4change are appreciative and encouraged at all of your participation this year in our webinars.  Whether you are a presenter or a participant we have had some great conversations so far this year.  That is why we are taking July to expand our capabilities and engage more of you as active participants in our work.  We hope that you can join us for these two sessions discussing the future of virtual convening:

Virtual Convening: A Wide Open Frontier

A participatory dialogue with Ben Roberts of the Conversation Collaborative, the NEXUS4change team, and YOU, around what is possible with our new capacities for connecting, collaborating, and co-creating using virtual tools. Explore our stories about virtual versus in-person, sense into what might be emerging beneath the noise of the online world, and consider how social technologies can synergize with our digital tools.  (Read the full invite here)

w/ Ben Roberts of The Conversation Collaborative
Wednesday July 8th
2:00pm – 3:30pm EST



What’s Next for NEXUS? A Virtual Meet & Greet

We are having an important conversation about What’s NEXT 4 NEXUS and we thought it would be great for you to join us. Bring your questions and ideas, reflect on past NEXUS experiences and give your creative input.  We’ll be using a Whole Systems and small group approach fully utilizing webinar and maestro conference (™) technology in order to meet each other and discuss what is possible in the world and in our virtual community.

w/ Steve Cady, Jeremy Grandstaff, & John Spalding NEXUS4change

Tuesday July 28th
2:00pm – 3:30pm EST



We look forward to engaging with all of you on these interactive conference calls as we discuss the future on Virtual Convening, Participatory Methods, and NEXUS4change.

Webinar: NEXUS and L&C Magazine Present – Raising Your Game: Understanding Character and Presence as change practitioners w/ Daryl Conner

Raising Your Game: Understanding Character and Presence as change practitioners
with Daryl Conner

daryl connor Pic
Daryl Conner – Click to read bio.




Watch the Video here:

As a change practitioner, do you have assignments where everything seems to go naturally and you really have an impact? As opposed to those where your client keeps misunderstanding and judging you and the change projects stalls…?

Daryl Conner focuses on your character and presence – to start thinking about which clients would benefit from your unique contribution. Who you are is the key. It defines your impact in change projects.

This is not about tools and techniques. It’s becoming aware how you are part of the intervention with clients. Which clients would you best serve? Who would you like to work with? How can you have true impact on changes that matter?

Register Today

The Story of NEXUS – Now Available in the Leadership & Change Magazine

NEXUS4change is proud to announce that our story, The Story of NEXUS, has been published in the new organization development magazine titled Leadership & CHANGE.  Leadership & CHANGE Magazine is published by Marcel Lamers and Marcella Bremer, based in the Netherlands but working worldwide to provide all of us with great stories of personal, pragmatic, and positive stories of organizational change. Click on the cover below for more information about the magazine.

Leadership & Change Issue 12


Our article discusses the beginnings of NEXUS4change before our first conference in 2007.  We will have more articles published in the magazine where we continue to tell our story and set the stage for each of us and all of us to convene together in order to address critical global issues.  We are currently working with the founders of the magazine to develop some NEXUS webinars and collaborate on other projects. Here is a copy of our article:

Thank you Leadership & CHANGE magazine for publishing our story.  Here is a link to get a free membership to the magazine’s website.  Although the magazine subscription is separate, access to this website will provide extra downloads and podcast interviews from authors and specific Leadership & Change content.   We will be sending out details of a discounted NEXUS subscription soon. We look forward to working with the magazine on future projects and spreading the word on collaborative transformative change.

NEXUS4change Amsterdam Post Conference: Building a Change Roadmap

NEXUS4change was pleased to present a post conference workshop for the participants of The Second International Conference of The International Society for Organization Development and Change in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We had two great sessions with several conference participants, including a Day 1 – Post Conference Wrap Up and Day 2 – Building a Change Roadmap. The sessions used participative dialogue to engage the attendees and materials were provided to help all attendees apply their learnings (i.e. papers, case studies, research articles). Here are some of the highlights:

Day 1 Post Conference Wrap Up

NEXUS4change Amsterdam - Day 1 Post Conference
NEXUS4change Amsterdam – Day 1 Post Conference

The group organized into two tables and answered questions about the conference and items that they wanted to focus on for the Day 2 session.  The following  list of the potential outcomes and agenda items that they wanted to discuss:


  • Recognize purpose
  • Conceptualizing skills used
  • I Can Take Over
  • Move Possibility
  • Confidence
  • Energized
  • Knowledged
  • Next Questions
  • Resourced to do whatever I have to do
  • Changed Mind

Agenda Items

  • Design a session: How would you chunk it? Flow of Methods (i.e. design team and other ways
  • Coaching Leaders
  • Configurations of design for 1-3 hour sessions to 3 day to 3 years all while managing expectations
  • Manage conflicting value systems organized for crosscultural training\ drowning voices – Different approaches
  • Tips of group management – on time on task.
  • Pacing stays engaged & on process – get high quality work
  • Role of technology to collaborative virtual teams
  • Generational Differences – Role of tech in Face to Face

Day 2:  P.L.A.N.’s and Building a Change Roadmap

NEXUS Amsterdam Post Conference Day 2 - The Model
NEXUS Amsterdam Post Conference Day 2 – The Model

Dr. Steve Cady, an instructor from Bowling Green State University, outlined a model for designing change initiatives that involve stakeholders at all levels of the organization.  In this picture, he is discussing the initial reason for change – An Idea.  Someone needs to have an idea, based on an event, a need, or another individual.  The idea is the catalyst a thought that this change could make the organization better.  Dr. Cady further outlines the process during the session but reminds us that an organizational change always starts with an idea.

NEXUS Amsterdam Post Conference Day 2 Review
NEXUS Amsterdam Post Conference Day 2 Review

Dr. Cady and the participants are reviewing one of the cases during the session.  Several examples of change roadmaps, proposals, and event designs were shared with participants during the session.  This discussion was reviewing Dr. Cady’s work with Lake Nona.

The participants also learned a project management tool called P.L.A.N. and dove deeper into the background and history of engaging stakeholders and helping organizational leaders create Collaborative Whole System Transformation.

For more information about working with NEXUS4change to design a conference experience please send us an e-mail.

Thanks again to The International Society for Organization Development and Change for collaborating with us on this event.

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Two Upcoming Webinars

On the Shoulders of Giants: Trends for the Future of OD
with Therese Yaeger, Diana Whitney, Robert “Jake” Jacobs, & Lena Neal
Wednesday May 7th 2014
12:00pm – 1:00pm EST

Register Here:

Mindful OD Enabling Challenging Conversations
with Don Dunoon from New Futures Pty. Ltd.
Thu,May 15, 2014 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT
Register Here: