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NEXUS4change and the Leadership & Change Magazine are proud to announce that we will be partnering to deliver a 4 pack of webinars for early 2015.  NEXUS will continue its webinar facilitation and promotion and the Leadership & Change magazine is helping to coordinate the speakers for this series.

Emerging Organizations: wholeness, purpose and self-management w/ Frederic Laloux
Wednesday March 4th, 2015
3:00PM EST
Register Here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3816002802551307010

There’s something broken in how we run organizations today. Institutes that poll thousands of people about happiness at work show that up to 60-75% are disengaged. Many people wonder: how’s what I’m doing serving anything that really matters?

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Enter: new organizations! Frederic Laloux conducted fascinating research, revealed in his book Reinventing Organizations that shows how “new organizations” align with a new stage of human development – and how they offer people self-management, wholeness and purpose….

Intrigued? You should be…! This is what change practitioners don’t want to miss out on. Upgrade your thinking and start seeing new possibilities.

A whole new way of organizing and collaborating is emerging around the globe: join Frederic Laloux in this webinar and see how can you support this change.

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