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Strategic Planning Summits – A classic case from Richmond Savings

If you want to see one of the most elegantly designed and impactful collaborative strategy events, this is it. Richmond Savings Summit occurred in the early 1990’s and is an excellent demonstration of using practical change methods for whole systems transformation. This webinar will share the collaborative design best practices that lead to profound visceral results from engaging the system in crafting its future.  This webinar featured Dr. Steve Cady and Dr. Ron Koller who both were fans, friends, and colleagues of Kathie Dannemiller, the main facilitator for this case and a pioneer in whole systems transformation.

View the recording here:

From the Richmond Savings Video
“In this world of unprecedented and rapid corporate change, there are values emerging which we have never experienced in the past. Some companies are actually involving employees at all levels in planning a future for the company. And, when people are involved… they are more likely to enjoy what they do, because of the significant effect they have in contributing to the goals and ultimately the long term success of the organization. It sounds simple, but in fact, few organizations have realized the powerful effect it can have.”

We will have a deeper session on this case  and on facilitating strategic planning summits in the near future.