Two Great Conversations – Virtual Convening

Hi everyone – We here at NEXUS4change are appreciative and encouraged at all of your participation this year in our webinars.  Whether you are a presenter or a participant we have had some great conversations so far this year.  That is why we are taking July to expand our capabilities and engage more of you as active participants in our work.  We hope that you can join us for these two sessions discussing the future of virtual convening:

Virtual Convening: A Wide Open Frontier

A participatory dialogue with Ben Roberts of the Conversation Collaborative, the NEXUS4change team, and YOU, around what is possible with our new capacities for connecting, collaborating, and co-creating using virtual tools. Explore our stories about virtual versus in-person, sense into what might be emerging beneath the noise of the online world, and consider how social technologies can synergize with our digital tools.  (Read the full invite here)

w/ Ben Roberts of The Conversation Collaborative
Wednesday July 8th
2:00pm – 3:30pm EST



What’s Next for NEXUS? A Virtual Meet & Greet

We are having an important conversation about What’s NEXT 4 NEXUS and we thought it would be great for you to join us. Bring your questions and ideas, reflect on past NEXUS experiences and give your creative input.  We’ll be using a Whole Systems and small group approach fully utilizing webinar and maestro conference (™) technology in order to meet each other and discuss what is possible in the world and in our virtual community.

w/ Steve Cady, Jeremy Grandstaff, & John Spalding NEXUS4change

Tuesday July 28th
2:00pm – 3:30pm EST



We look forward to engaging with all of you on these interactive conference calls as we discuss the future on Virtual Convening, Participatory Methods, and NEXUS4change.

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