Webinar Recording – Strategy Statements A Concise Tool for Aligning Actions & Measures

Here is a video from a webinar last week with Dr Steven Cady, the current BGSU MOD cohort and NEXUS4change members as they met to discuss the purpose and design of strategy statements for organizations.

Based on a review of 485 strategy statements, a concise tool was created for crafting an organization’s strategic plan document. At the tool’s core is the notion that strategy represents the organization’s competitive advantage and core values in an accessible user friendly fashion. If articulated clearly, crafted collaboratively, and clearly used to prioritize actions – strategic plans can serve as foundation for building transformative roadmap to the future.

The webinar covers
– The strategy as values tool, it’s five elements, and evidence.
– Case examples of the tool and how to ensure it is written to be understood.
– A specific step by step collaborative process for crafting strategy at four organizational levels.
– Translating the created strategy into specific programs, initiative, and/or projects.
– Grounded discussion on the theme of collaborative change and innovation.

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