What is NEXUS4change?

NEXUS4change brings leaders, practitioners, activists, scholars and students together to advance the field of whole systems change, so that together, we can address critical challenges and opportunities in our world. We connect individuals who are dedicated to using principles of collaboration and dialogue based methods with the use of tools including webinars, trainings, conferences, small group discussions, and other opportunities.

We envision a strong and connected interdisciplinary community that collaborates with and through practitioners to deliver interventions that create systematic and meaningful change on key global issues. The field of whole systems change and its stakeholders are enriched through our community-driven dialog.

The Story of Collaborative Change

The foundation and history of NEXUS4change draws from Organization Development, Urban Planning, Adult Learning, Public Policy, creative and applied arts, and other disciplines – making this a truly interdisciplinary field.

Check out this 3 part video series that tells the story of Whole Systems Change, from the sixties to the present.

Part 1: sixties, seventies, and early eighties.

Part 2: late eighties and nineties.

Part 3: late nineties to the present.

To navigate the player below click the Playlist drop-down in the top left of the player to choose which part you would like to watch.

The values that guide NEXUS4change

The Methods at the heart of NEXUS4change aim to address critical local and global issues—we believe that every problem has the potential of becoming an opportunity for positive change! In addition, other principles that guide our work include:

Digital/Technology Leaders. We are on the digital cutting edge with our tools.
Process Experts. Process is our value add; effective processes drive stakeholder success.
Dedicated to Dialogue. We believe that dialogue is the foundation for meaningful change at the individual, group, and organizational level.
Collaboration. We believe in the power of collaboration as a way to transform organizations.
Community. We believe in the power of community to create interactive learning opportunities for our stakeholders.
Collective Wisdom. Our stakeholders have wisdom; tapping into that wisdom will spread success and best practices.
Global impact.  We strive to help people organize and develop solutions for critical global issues.

What are thought leaders saying about NEXUS4change?

“The NEXUS4change will leverage a shift in the way organizations and whole systems operate and pave the way for healing the mind, body, spirit and mother earth to restore hope for future generations.”

– Cheryl Honey – Founder, Community Weaving

“We are more than a community of practice; we are a community of purpose – kindred at a very important point in human history. Now is the time to look for the NEXUS in which the magic can be found in the middle. It’s not about what method is the best. What lies beyond the methods? . . . What is the common work here? What are the principles that we all hold dear?”

– Juanita Brown – Founder, World Café

“We all are committed to reducing suffering at home and in the world. Working on our own, valuable as that might be, we will never have the impact that working in concert on a large, movement level scale might have.”

– Peter Block – Founder, Civic Engagement

“Up to this point we’ve been learning our scales, each perfecting our own technique. The time is right to learn to play jazz.”

– Dick and Emily Axelrod

“It is most important to start our conversations with the larger context—“the world as client.” We need to make sure we include people from around the world in these discussions. Then, we can consider things like shared principles, research possibilities, the role of technology, and our contribution to the challenges facing the world today.”

– Barbara Bunker & Billie Alban – Authors: The Handbook of Large Group Methods (2006) & Large Group Interventions (1997)

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